St James Global Financial Planners (Pty) Ltd, has based its long term reputation of prudent investing on a comprehensive understanding of markets and the many influences affecting asset values.
We apply a rigorous investment selection process in managing your money to provide superior performances over medium to long term periods.

Asset Class Consideration

Before any consideration is given to asset class selection, we carry out both quantitative and qualitive research carried out across elements of market analysis and investment fundamentals such as

  • Global prospects in financial markets
  • Micro-economic and sector analysis
  • Asset allocation and risk association
  • Risk profiling and assessment
  • Fund performance statistics and rankings
  • Legislation and regulation considerations
  • Client Relationship and Investment Methodology

  • One on one consultations (initial and on-going)
  • Risk and Needs Analysis
  • Bespoke Investment solution
  • Quarterly portfolio updates including portfolio performance in relation to benchmark, recommendations for fund switches or platform changes.
  • In-house full time administration, providing daily access to portfolio statements, balances, repurchases or investment additions.
  • Workshops presented by well known SA Fund Managers.